Tattoo Machines

At Tattoo Shop we stock a wide range from new and innovative rotary tattoo machines to traditional coil tattoo machines and Hand Poking tools to make sure there is something for every tattoo artist.  Our range of professional tattoo machines are chosen based on their performance, comfort and price. This allows you, the tattoo artist to produce your best work with any colouring, lining or shading done comfortably with accuracy and precision.

Tattoo Shop stock some of the most popular professional tattoo machines in the industry, with the latest tattoo machines from known brands such as Sabre, FK Irons, Cheyenne Hawk, Hercules, EZ  Avant, EZ Filter, EZ Rambo, Inkjecta, Bishop Rotary, Elite Prove, Equaliser Proton, Dragonfly, Stingray, Diablo Rotary, Storm Rotary,  Stealth Rotary, Lacenano, Hummingbird, Lauro Paolini, Eikon, VC Collection 8 Wrap, Micky Bee, Shogun, Dark Steel and T2 Rotary.  Tattoo Shop also has a range of Budget Tattoo Machines which include a variety of rotary and coil machines.