Tattoo Needles & Cartridges

Tattoo Shop stock a wide range of high-quality sterile tattoo needles and cartridge needles to help you produce the perfect tattoo. We stock high-grade, durable and fully sterilised pre-soldered tattoo needles available for straight from the box use, or for even more convenience we also stock the latest tattoo cartridges on the market that save time whilst also guaranteeing clean and precise work. 

At Tattoo Shop we know the importance of quality with tattoo needles and cartridges and the need to offer you high standard and accuracy products.  We understand the importance of choosing the correct needle or cartridge so you can ensure your tattooing is consistent and accurate. So no matter if it is lining, shading or colour packing we will have the right configuration to suit you.  We stock Sabre Cartridges, Sabre Shield Cartridges, EZ Yellow Cartridges, EZ Yellow Revolution Cartridges, Elite Cartridges, Elite 2 Cartridges, Cheyenne Cartridges, PinUp Cartridges and Cartridge Needle Accessories. As well as Sabre Tattoo Needles, Flux Tattoo Needles, Wordwide Tattoo needles and PinUp Needles.