Body Jewellery

The Tattoo Shop stock a hunge range of body jewellery in Titanium and 316L Surgical Steel. Our quality body jewellery is available in a huge range of styles and sizes to suit your individual piercing preferences.

Titanium body jewellery is one of the best forms of metal to use on the body as it is lightweight, strong and very resilient to wear and tear. Our Surgical Steel body jewellery is suitable for all different areas of the body. All body jewellery can be brightened up with coloured crystals or balls allowing you to express your individuality.

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  1. Titanium Micro Labret Sterile
    Titanium Micro Labret Sterile From

    From £1.43

  2. Continuous Ring
    Continuous Ring From

    From £0.54

  3. Micro Gem Ball Steel
    Micro Gem Ball Steel From

    From £0.54

  4. Titanium Straight Barbell Sterile
    Titanium Straight Barbell Sterile From

    From £1.52

  5. Titanium Micro Curved Barbell Sterile
    Titanium Micro Curved Barbell Sterile From

    From £1.52

  6. Hinged Segment Ring
    Hinged Segment Ring
    Give your piercings a smooth look wit...

    From £2.46

  7. Titanium Crystal Ball
    Titanium Crystal Ball From

    From £0.98

  8. Titanium Jewelled Nose Studs
    Titanium Jewelled Nose Studs From

    From £0.98

  9. Titanium Micro Labret & Ball
    Titanium Micro Labret & Ball From

    From £0.89

  10. Micro Labret & Ball
    Micro Labret & Ball From

    From £0.27

  11. Hinged Segment Ring Titanium
    Hinged Segment Ring Titanium From

    From £4.06

Items 1 to 12 of 55 Total

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