Black Thermal Copier Package Deal

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Save Money on our Stencilling Package Deals

£193.23 Incl. Tax: £231.88
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1 x Black Thermal Copier   + £0.00 Incl. Tax: £239.99
1 x Stencil Stuff 8oz   + £0.00 Incl. Tax: £22.79
1 x Spirit A4 Thermal Paper – Purple (8½ x 11”) - 100 Pack   + £0.00 Incl. Tax: £44.39

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Black Thermal Copier Package Deal
Black Thermal Copier Package Deal
Availability: In stock
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£193.23 Incl. Tax: £231.88


    Save Money on our Stencilling Package Deals 

    Included in this one: 


    A Thermal Copier Designed Especially for the Tattoo Industry 

    Stop wasting time tracing designs and start saving money with a good quality thermal copier. 
    The Black Thermal Copier is created specifically for the tattoo artist. Unlike other 3M or Solar Copier machines, you won't have to bother with messy light bulbs or belts that often need to be replaced. This is a simple, reliable copier that will make your life easier. 
    Some call this type of a machine a stencil fax thermal copier machine because it is built using thermal printing technology. Whatever you choose to call it, know that you will get sharp looking copies fast and they'll be easy to work with, too. 


    The Only Tattoo Stencil Transfer Solution You'll Need 

    Get a crisper and cleaner stencil transfer without having to mix your own solution. 

    Tattoo artists rely on Stencil Stuff-the creamy lotion that is formulated to be non-toxic and safe for most skin types-to effectively apply stencil artwork directly to the skin. Many artists choose to create their own transfer solution, but the results can be inconsistent and sloppy. 

    That's why the perfectionist chooses Stencil Stuff. The product was developed by professional tattoo artists for a number of reasons, but most importantly the solution 

    Prevents cross-contamination 
    Comes in an easy-to-use bottle 
    Makes the stencil artwork long lasting 
    Eliminates the need to bloodline or gray line 
    Works wonders for outlining 
    Best of all, the solution makes it easier to reposition the transfer stencil using alcohol without having to re-create the stencil. 
    Give Stencil Stuff a try. It will beat out your homemade solution every time 


    Designed for Producing Stencils Using a Thermal Copy Machine 

    The original S-Box. 
    The Repro FX Spirit Master Transfer Paper is for tattoo artists who demand high-quality, four-ply sheets. 
    9"" x 11"" sheets that include master sheet, protective- tissue, carbon, and backing sheet. 
    Premium stencil paper for the discerning artist. 

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