LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine

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LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine
LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine

Weighing only 45g, the LACEnano tattoo machine is the lightest in the world. In addition to being very light, it is also fully autoclavable, making it one of the easiest to clean tattoo machines in keeping with hygiene standards. LACEnano is not compatible with ink cartridges.
Each LACEnano Brushless Magnetic Drive Tattoo Machine is made from aerospace grade aluminum. From orthodontic quality cams to a brushless motor specially designed for autoclaving, the highest quality parts have been used to design such a lightweight machine.

LACEnano Brushless System
Compared to its weight, the brushless motor specially designed for the LACEnano tattoo machine offers six times the energy efficiency of traditional brushed motors. You can also put the whole machine in an autoclave and thanks to the brushless motor its life is almost unlimited. You can reduce the number of revolutions per minute as much as you want while maintaining all the power, which is impossible with conventional brush machines.

LACEnano Motor
A special algorithm is required to drive the brushless motor, so you will receive a LACEnano power supply with each machine. It is very easy to use, simply turn the wheel to adjust the rotation speed from 2000 rpm to 8000 rpm.

LACEnano Magnetic Drive
There is no physical connection between the engine and the flyweight. Thus the engine can not get bogged down during intensive work sessions. You can adjust the travel and flexibility on the fly, so the machine offers truly natural progressive flexibility unlike so many other machines. The LACEnano does not have a spring or rubber element running against the needle, so you have a completely clean and precise punch.

With each LACEnano you receive:
1 x LACEnano Rotary Tttoo Machine
1 x LACEnano Power Supply
1 x Power adapter with multiple sockets EU, UK and USA
1 x LACEnano power cable
1 x Aluminum travel case with customizable compartment to store LACEnano and other accessories
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