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This is a very attractive and very bold shade of pink, which of course reflects the warm, bright and lively colour you might expect of a lollipop, hence the name. The colour provides an excellent addition to a wide variety of tattoo designs, regardless of whether they are light, dark or full of vibrant colours, this is certain to provide an interesting shade to work alongside your other selections or even blend into them for a soft appearance. This is available in a selection of sizes to ensure that you have access to everything you need and of course, like all inks supplied by Barber DTS, this is sterilized before delivery and is never frozen, so you can be certain it is a clean, fresh and safe selection.
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Availability: In stock
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Lollipop pink is a vibrant and attractive shade that provides an exciting and bold addition to any tattoo design. The colour is vibrant enough to be used to draw the eye to specific details of a design, or can be blended with other colours and even the subject’s skin to provide a softer and more subtle appearance to the tattoo, which of course would provide an attractive addition in its own sense. The colour is a rather bright one, which makes it a particularly suitable option for lighter, more colourful designs, though it can also make an excellent contracting colour in a darker design. The Intenze complete range of colours is a collection of inks that have all been specifically developed using a scientific formula which ensures not only that the ink is of high quality, offering the smoothest and most even possible application, but also to ensure that the ink is long lasting. In fact the Intenze range of complete colours is manufactured using the longest lasting pigment ink in the market, making it the longest lasting tattoo ink in the world. The long lasting nature of the ink pigment has certain contributed to the popularity of the ink, which is one of the most popular among professional artists all around the earth. The ink is also available in two of the most popular sizes, so you can be certain that you have access to everything you need regardless of what that may be, and we at Barber DTS ensure that the inks are all sterilized before shipping and they are never frozen. This allows you to have complete confidence that everything you order is clean, fresh and safe.