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Lining black is a solid and reliable shade of black, designed to heal as dark as possible and last as long as possible to ensure the best possible results from your tattoo, regardless of the size, style or complexity. This is certainly something any professional tattoo artist should have at hand, as this is the sort of ink you will find yourself using on a daily basis and it does offer much longer lasting results than any other lining black ink. The Intenze range is reliable and popular with good reason and this is a lining ink that is selected more often than any other by professional tattoo artists all around the world.
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Availability: In stock
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Intenze Ink Lining Black 1oz
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Intenze Ink - Mario's Lining Black - 4oz (125ml)
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This particular ink option is a strong, bold shade of black that provides the perfect solution for all of your tattoo outlining needs, which of course makes it a fantastic product to have on hand for any professional tattoo artist, regardless of your style. This is a reliable and popular choice, offering a perfect, solid black that is smooth and easy to apply as well as long lasting. The ink itself is an incredibly popular option within one of the world’s most popular colour selections. The Intenze complete range of colours is a collection of inks that have all been specifically developed using a scientific formula which ensures not only that the ink is of high quality, offering the smoothest and most even possible application, but also to ensure that the ink is long lasting. In fact the Intenze range of complete colours is manufactured using the longest lasting pigment ink in the market, making it the longest lasting tattoo ink in the world. This has certain contributed to the popularity of the ink, which is one of the most popular among professional artists all around the earth. The ink is also available in two of the most popular sizes, so you can be certain that you have access to everything you need regardless of what that may be, and we at Barber DTS ensure that the inks are all sterilized before shipping and they are never frozen. This allows you to have complete confidence that everything you order is clean, fresh and safe.