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Cheyenne Cartridge gives you artistic freedom without any limits. This is one-way needle cartridge that cones in a sterile package and has a hygiene membrane that will keep and ink or bodily fluids away from the machine and hand piece. By using a Cheyenne System, you will be guaranteed precision and ease of comfort during use. They also mean less irritation for the client and less interruption to the workflow when changing needles. All you have to do is simply unwrap, insert and start using. There is no handling of the bare needles required therefore reducing the risk of infection.

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Availability: In stock
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7 Point Power Liner (20)
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9 Point power (20)
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Cheyenne Cartridge has a new bayonet socket at the needle head of Hawk and Condor which guarantees the rapid change of ink and needle configuration. Using these liners gives you artistic freedom with no limits. They have been made with a single use material which means that hygiene standards can be easily maintained and allows for simple uncomplicated work. These liners by Cheyenne are creating a revolution in the tattoo industry; there is no more tedious putting together of all the different parts for just one customer and no need to switch between liners and shaders anymore. You can save time and run your workload more efficiently. There is a safety membrane in the liner which means your cartridges remain hygiene and also protect against any ink or bodily fluids coming into contact with your machine motor or the client’s bloodstream. These are single use products that have been pre-sterilised and are ready to use straight from the packet. The tip has been made from medical plastic and allows for rapid change of needle configurations during the running work process. There is no more fiddly attaching and detaching from different machines.