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There are no shortage of colours to choose from within the eternal inks complete range of colours, one of which is this particular option of grey-blue known as smoke. While the colour provides a soft, smoky quality is has much more of a blue colouration than natural smoke, making it a more attractive option for a wide range of designs. This is available in a selection of the most popular sizes to ensure your convenience and is of course a non-toxic, organic option just like all eternal inks. We sterilize all of our inks before distribution and we are careful to never freeze them, so you can be confident that all of the ink you order from us is not only produced to a high standard, but is also as clean and fresh as it possibly could be.

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Availability: In stock
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This is a smoky option of grey-blue which provides a natural and attractive colour for a wide variety of tattoo designs, regardless of the size or style of the tattoo you hope to incorporate the colour into. This is a soft, medium tone colour which of course means it blends well with a selection of other shades and colours and provides a great option for larger sections of a design, as the colour isn’t so vivid as to draw attention away from the finer details. However, it is light enough to be used to highlight the more intricate details of a design, particularly in a darker tattoo design, which makes it a fantastic option to have around as a general purpose ink. This ink is available in a selection of the most popular sizes, so you can be certain you have as much as you need regardless of how big or how many tattoos you will be designing with the ink over any given space of time, it is also a great way of ensuring you have the opportunity to save cost and waste materials with your order. The ink is, like all eternal inks, a non-toxic and organic option, which ensures a better healing process due to the less abrasive nature of the ink.