Eternal M Series Ink - Rich Turquoise

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Eternal-rich -turquoise
This particular shade of tattoo ink is a bright, bold option of rich turquoise which provides a fantastic, long lasting result. The colour was designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, two of the world’s leading portrait tattoo artists, both of whom are particularly well known for their realistic styles of portrait tattoo. The 18 colours within their series of inks, including this particular shade of turquoise, are a mixture of more vibrant and colourful shades alongside the skin tones, to help you in accomplishing the realistic variation of colours that makes a good tattoo. These are all non-toxic, organic options which are sterilized to ensure their excellent quality and cleanliness.
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Eternal Ink Mike DeVries Rich Turquoise 1oz
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Turquoise is an attractive and bold shade of green-blue that has a wide variety of uses in just about any tattoo design. This particular shade of turquoise however was more specifically designed to be used within portrait tattoo designs, with benefits for blending and adding detail to the features of a portrait tattoo that help to ensure a more realistic and detailed result from the process. The colour is designed by two of the world’s most famous portrait tattoo artists, both of which are recognised for their realistic and monochromatic designs; Mario Rosenau and Mike Devries, which is why this colour is found within the M series of the eternal inks portrait colours range. The ink is, like all eternal inks, produced using a selection of quality, natural ingredients to ensure not only that the ink is vibrant and long lasting but also to ensure that it is an organic, non-toxic solution to your tattoo ink needs. The organic pigment inks, like this one, are growing in popularity throughout the industry thanks to the fact they are less likely to cause irritation, the is due to the organic materials within the ink being less abrasive against the skin than some alternatives, allowing the tattoo to heal more cleanly and the colour to be retained better for a more attractive result.