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Finding the right shade of grey for your black and grey tattoo designs is not always easy, often the greys heal differently and you can end up with a number of varying results. This is something eternal inks have worked hard to prevent with their range of greywash inks, developed by black and grey artists around the world and consistently produced to prevent any drastic changes during or after healing. Like all eternal inks these are produced using natural materials to ensure not only a bold and long lasting colour but also an organic and non-toxic ink. We supply these inks in a selection of popular sizes to ensure you have what you need, we never freeze the inks so you can be sure of their freshness and we are one of the few suppliers who sterilize our inks, so you can be completely confident of their cleanliness.
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Greywash tattoos feature three essential shades; light, dark and medium tone greys. However, with many of the grey tones available you can’t always be sure how they’re going to heal, this isn’t a problem with the three key greywash tones supplied by eternal inks as part of their greywash range. The inks are designed and tested by some of the world’s best black and grey tattoo artist, with the entire range of colours offering consistent shades that help to ensure you’ll never be guessing about how the colour will look healed ever again. As with all eternal inks these are produced using a selection of natural materials that help to ensure not only long lasting, bold colour on the skin, but also provide a non-toxic, organic ink. The organic nature of the ink is particularly useful as it helps to reduce the chances of your customers suffering any skin irritation as a result of applying the ink. This is further aided by our sterilization process, which uses advanced technology including gamma radiation to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that may have otherwise been present in the ink. It is most commonly these bacteria that cause the allergic reactions and even infections that some customers experience after a tattoo is done.