Eternal Ink - Graffiti Green

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Graffiti Green is a popular and vivid shade that provides an excellent option in a wide range of designs. As with all eternal inks this is a high quality option, produced using a selection of the best possible natural ingredients to ensure that the end result is a long lasting, bold, non-toxic and organic ink. For you convenience this is available in a variety of the most common sizes, allowing you to order as much ink as you need without increasing your costs or waste materials any more than you have to. To ensure your confidence in the cleanliness and freshness of our inks we never freeze them and sterilize them using gamma ray technology to eliminate any bacteria.

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Availability: In stock
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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Graffiti Green
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Eternal Ink Green Graffiti 1oz
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Eternal Ink - Graffiti Green - 2oz (60ml)
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This is a popular and high quality option when seeking a bold, vibrant green to include in your latest tattoo design. The graffiti green, much like the colour for which it was designed and named, is a flexible and long lasting colour that can be included perfectly in a wide variety of tattoo designs and makes a brilliant option regardless of whether you’re filling a larger section or highlighting some finer details. The ink itself is produced using a selection of the best possible natural ingredients, which not only ensure the high standard of the ink but also produce a non-toxic, organic end product which is therefore less likely to cause a reaction on your customer’s skin. To further reduce the chances of a reaction, or even infection, we ensure that all of our inks are sterilized before distribution. This process of sterilization is done using gamma ray technology to eliminate any of the bacteria that may be present within the ink, bacteria that would have otherwise been the most likely cause of an allergic reaction or infection. We also ensure that none of our ink is ever frozen, which helps you to be confident in the freshness of all the ink you order from us.