Eternal M Series Ink - Cool Medium Grey

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Eternal Cool Medium Grey is part of the Eternal Portrait range and is classed within the M Series colours, designed by the famous portrait tattoo artists Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau. The colour itself is a good, neutral tone, ideal for highlighting darker areas, shadowing lighter areas and blending the mid tones, which is what you would expect of a medium grey. This also provides a slight hint of bluish tint to the grey, which gives it the cooler feel that makes it quite so effective as a portrait paint, as this allows for more depth and detail through the use of colour alone. As with all eternal inks this is an organic, non-toxic ink that has been sterilized to ensure the safest and most comfortable application process possible, allowing you to concentrate on the tattoo.
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This particular shade of grey is cooled and softer than most, thanks to the slight bluish tint of colouration to the ink, which helps it to blend better with a variety of other colours making it an ideal option for the portrait tattoos. This is one of the M series portrait inks range, designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, two world famous portrait tattoo artists, both well known for their realistic and monochromatic tattoo work. The ink itself uses as selection of the best possible organic ingredients to provide an attractive and non-toxic choice of ink, and thanks to the natural composition of the ingredients this is less likely to cause a reaction when applied to your customers. The attractive colours this ink provides are particularly resistant to fading, thanks to the high quality ingredients and the careful procedures with which it is manufactured, ensuring a longer lasting and more attractive tattoo. So as to ensure the safety and comfort of your customers as well as your own peace of mind we never freeze our inks, so you know that they are as fresh as they could be, and we sterilize all of our inks so as to remove any potentially harmful bacteria that may be otherwise present within the ink.