Eternal Portrait Ink - Almond

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There are plenty of options available for tattoo inks, however when it comes to producing a portrait tattoo you need to be a little more selective. In order to help you find the best possible colours to compliment your detail portraits eternal inks have produces a range of portrait colours which include a selection of natural skin tone options, all of which are non-toxic and organic pigment inks. The eternal almond portrait colour is a more subtle, neutral tone that could be perfectly used to compliment a customer with a warmer or tanned skin tone. We ensure that all of our inks are never frozen, so you can have confidence in the freshness of the ink, and are sterilized using gamma radiation, which reduces the risk of irritation or infection to your customers.
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Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones Almond 1oz
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There is a growing popularity within the tattoo industry for portrait tattoos, which comes as a result of the advances in the tools we use, which now allow us to produce more detailed tattoos than ever. Of course, detail isn’t the only important factor to the portrait tattoos; the use of the right colours is also an essential part to ensuring that the detail doesn’t go to waste. This is why eternal have worked hard to produce an all new range of natural skin tone colours, perfect for any tattoo portrait. The eternal almond ink is a soft, slightly tanned tone which provides a fantastic colour for portrait tattoos, particularly for those with a warmer, more tanned tone to their skin as it will help the tattoo to appear more natural and subtle. For your convenience regardless of whether you’re producing a large work of art or just a touch up we supple a selection of sizes in regards to the ink bottles, which means that you can cut down costs and waste materials if you aren’t going to be using as much of the ink. The inks are produced using a selection of the best possible, natural ingredients to provide a non-toxic, organic ink that is less likely to cause any irritation to your customer, even if applied to sensitive skin. In order to further ensure the comfort and well-being of your customers we never freeze our inks, so you can be certain that they are as fresh as possible, and we sterilize all of our inks using the latest gamma radiation technology to exterminate any potentially harmful bacteria.