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The Delta Footswitch is a compact, lightweight and easily portable selection, with a triangular design and interesting variety of colours to choose from. While the design does help to make it popular among travelling artists and studio artists alike, particularly with options like this attractive gun metal colouration that is certain to complement any surroundings, the thing that really makes the Delta Footswitch popular is the impressively durable design. This is certainly a product that is made to last and will continue to provide you with fantastic results for the rest of your career, having been manufactured to the highest possible standards by FK Irons. This is a heavy duty, but highly sensitive option, completely RCA ready and efficient with a grip pad base that will keep it in place so that you never have to chase your pedal again.
There are a number of options available with footswitches, including this particular selection of Delta footswitch, which gives you one of the much more heavy duty options. These are certainly designed to last, and with the sleek, lightweight and completely portable triangular design they offer one of the more convenient options when it comes to transporting and storing your equipment. This particular item offers you an attractive shade of gun metal blue, which offers a modern and professional appearance that is sure to complement the rest of your equipment and the design of your studio. This is a fantastic option from FK Irons, and has been designed and manufactured to offer the most durable solution possible, being the first footswitch ever to be engineered with the purpose of providing you with a solution that will continue to meet your needs for the rest of your career. These are manufactured with aircraft grade aluminium, and anodized for even more durability, but despite this heavy duty build they still offer a highly responsive and effective solution, thanks to the use of internal dual springs and a hinge system that ensure it is super responsive to your touch, and a simple but high effective anti-skid pad will keep your footswitch in place. It is work noting that you have to purchase the RCA connection separately, though the footswitch is completely RCA ready.