Hawk Banana Plug

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The Cheyenne HAWK Banana Plug is great for connecting your Cheyenne Hawk power supply. To use, connect the red banana plug of the adaptor to the positive pole and the black plug to the negative. Once you have done this you can then connect the adaptor with the connection cable. Both the red and black connectors have a coloured sleeve for easy grip and protection.

They Cheyenne HAWK Banana Plug is a great piece of equipment to have in our studio. It is used to connect your Cheyenne power supply. The positive and negative jacks are clearly colour coded and covered in plastic for good grip and protection. All you have to do is connect the plugs to your adaptor. Cheyenne is known for providing high quality tattoo equipment used my some of the best artists in the industry. They provide sophisticated, high quality technology to bring you the best quality products and deliver the very best results in your work.