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Vincent Chang Tattoo Kit


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Vincent Chang Tattoo Kit 

The Tattoo Shop now offer a range of Apprentice Tattoo Kits created for the professional and aspiring tattoo artists. 
We have designed and packaged these kits with quality in mind. 
Within this kit you receive an array of high end Products/Inks not found in any other kits on the market today. 
You can buy with confidence and guarantee that this is all you will need to start off in the profession with quality and reliability. 
From Basic to Intermediate to Professional, these kits cover all your needs at whatever level you are in the industry. 

Kit Contents: 

*1 x VC Bronze 8 Wrap Liner 
*1 x VC Bronze 8 Wrap Shader 
*1 x Venus Power Supply 
*1 x Budget Footswitch 
*1 x Budget Clipcord 
*1 x 10 Pack Of Scream Ink 1/2oz 
*1 x 6 x 6 Practice Skin 
*5 x EZ 28mm Disposable Cartridge Grip inc. Plungers 
*5 x EZ Yellow Assorted Cartridges 
*100 x Ink Caps 

Tattoo Shop kits are only designed to be used on practice skin. 
The items in this kit are not to be used for tattooing customers or on real skin. 
The Tattoo Shop are in no way responsible for mis-use of this kit, this is not a DIY kit. 
This kit contains sterile needles and professional Ink.