Vaseline - 1KG

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The protective, soothing and healing properties of Vaseline are well known, so it is certainly no surprise that this is such as popular and effective option for tattoo aftercare. This is a tried, tested and trusted option that provides you with effective results, soothing the area, creating a protective barrier to prevent infection and keeping the skin moisturised and nourished to promote faster healing. Regardless of whether you choose to use this with fresh tattoos or as a daily skincare option for your tattoos it is certain to provide you with effective results, and given that this is supplied as a 1kg container you won’t need to stock up again anytime soon.

When it comes to tattooing it is easy to expose the skin to a lot of rough treatment, and there are a few items that you might use to sooth the skin and speed up the healing process after that, but there are very few that are as quickly recognised and widely trusted as Vaseline. This 1kg pot of Vaseline provides you with an effective and reliable option, offering a protective barrier over the skin that will moisturise while protecting against bacteria and possible infection, and of course all while providing a smooth and soothing application that will prevent itchiness that often occurs during healing, and ease any aching or soreness the customer might be experiencing in the freshly tattooed area. This is a fantastic option for long term care of the tattoos as much as it is for healing a fresh tattoo. Vaseline is easy to apply, and thick, so you don’t need to use much, not to mention that it is long lasting, both in the pot and on the flesh. This 1kg container is capable of keeping most tattoo artists well stocked for months, and even those with large numbers of customers on a daily basis may go for considerable periods of time without needing to stock up again.