Trigger Spray Bottle Clear 600ml

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The clear trigger spray bottle by Barber DTS is a simple yet brilliant piece of equipment to have in the tattoo studio. The bottle itself is used for holding liquids such as green soap, disinfectant, water, isopropyl alcohol, stencil removal fluid, stencil transfer fluid and much more. It is great for controlling the level of liquid you use and for preventing spillages. The see through case allows you to see exactly what’s inside and how much is left. Made to the highest of standards to meet all of your needs and expectations. A must have for the skilled artist.

The trigger spray bottle by Barber DTS is a superb piece of equipment every tattooist should have. The design itself is simple yet it is highly effective in the tattoo studio. Used for holding liquid contents such as green soap, stencil transfer fluid, stencil removal fluid, disinfectants, water, cleaning fluids, isopropyl alcohol and many other every day liquids. The bottle is well made to ensure that it is safe and reliable to use. The screw cap secures onto the bottle tightly preventing the contents of the bottle from spilling out, and the trigger spray allows you to control the amount of liquid that comes out. This is a clear bottle allowing you to see exactly what’s inside the bottle and how much liquid is left. This makes it easy to determine when the liquid should be replaced or refilled. Barber DTS supply a range of products designed to make your life easier. They have been going strong for years and are the largest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. Famous amongst experts and renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry. They work hard to meet all of your needs and expectations and make all of their products in accordance with European tattoo regulations.