Spirit A4 Thermal Paper – Purple (8½ x 11”) - 100 Pack

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Thermal copier paper by Spirit is used by professionals for transferring stencils to the skin. It can be used in conjunction with a thermal copier for the quick process of an outline of a design to work with. The design is transferred to the skin quite thickly so that artists can use it to create perfect line work. This saves the artist a lot of time having to duplicate a design free hand. Once finished with it is easily wiped off the skin. Available is A4 size.

Thermal copier paper is used for transferring outlines of designs to the carbon paper to create a stencil. Once the stencil has been created it can be transferred to the skin to give you the perfect outline of the design you want to do. This saves the tattooists a lot of time and effort duplicating a design and also stops you from making mistakes. The stencil goes onto the skin thickly and wipes away once it is no longer needed. This thermal copier paper is by Spirit, in A4 and can be used in conjunction with a thermal copier machine. Barber DTS are the largest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. They have been providing tattoo and piercing equipment for years and are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry. They are popular amongst professionals and famous for their exceptional customer service skills. Barber DTS take the satisfaction of their customers very seriously and make sure that they supply products made to the highest of standards. They also ensure that all of the products are made in accordance with European tattoo regulations so that they are safe and reliable to use.

Alternate Colour Backing Sheet

We would like to alert you to an alternate colour paper used in the production of Thermal products. Due to production constraints on the traditional canary yellow backing paper, Spirit are now using a white alternative. This component ONLY varies by colour. All other properties of the paper are the same. There will be no functional difference experienced whilst using this product.

In anticipation of questions and concerns from artists the manufacturer have placed a “Genuine Spirit” sticker on each box that holds this alternate paper.

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