Tattoo Goo Pillow Packs (50-Pack)

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50 pillow packs inclduded

Provide your customers with a high quality professional grade aftercare product. These sample size packs of both Original Tattoo Goo and Tattoo Goo Lotion are ideal to give out to customers when they have finished a session with you. This helps to promote the best kind of aftercare routine which in turn preserves your artwork in the best possible condition. By allowing them to try this product on their tattoo, it can also help promote sales of Tattoo Goo products in your studio. Token gifts such as these can really make the difference in creating a good experience for the customer and ensuring that they come again in the future, as well as recommending to others.
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Availability: In stock
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Tattoo Goo® Pillow Packs-Original 4ml
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These handy samples of aftercare products from Tattoo Goo can be a great little gift to give to your clients once their tattoo has been completed. This helps to promote better aftercare routines, leading to your work being preserved and protected. It also helps to promote sales of the Tattoo Goo products in your studio as your customers will be able to experience how good the product is in caring for their tattoo. Adding a gesture of goodwill such as providing customers with these free samples is a good way to ensure that clients return to your studio and look back on their experience with you favourably. The 4ml pillow pack samples are available in both the original Tattoo Goo product and Tattoo Goo lotion. These are sufficient sizes to ensure that you can care for your tattoo design over the first few crucial days and really see the difference in the vibrant colours when these products are used to aid the healing process. The famous Tattoo Goo brand has an excellent reputation within the community as it delivers great results to both old and new tattoos as well as speeding up the healing process. Many of our customers have also reported that it can help to reduce the amount of itching and discomfort experienced.