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These Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches from Granton Medical are ideal for use within the tattoo industry. They made of heavyweight 70gsm paper and blue tinted transparent 2 ply laminate film. Using high quality supplies in your sterilisation process means you can have peace of mind that it has been carried out thoroughly and that your items are sterile and sealed so they are ready to use when needed. These pouches have a self-seal design built in, meaning there is no need to purchase extra equipment to heat seal the bags individually before starting the sterilisation process.

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Sterilisation Pouches-60 x 100mm
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Sterilisation Pouches-90 x 140mm
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Sterilisation Pouches - 90mm x 200mm
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Sterilisation Pouches-133 x 254mm
£17.99 Incl. Tax: £21.59
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Sterilisation Pouches-190 x 330mm
£34.99 Incl. Tax: £41.99
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Sterilisation Pouches-90 x 230mm
£13.39 Incl. Tax: £16.07
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These sterilisation pouches from Granton Medical are made to very high quality standards. Their make-up includes heavyweight 70gsm paper and blue tinted transparent 2 ply laminate film. This allows you to easily see the contents of the pouch without the need to open it and thus making the contents non-sterile. They are suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation methods. Each of the pouches is printed with Class A process indicators for both steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation. This way you can be sure that sterilisation process has been fully completed and that the items are completely sterile and ready to use once more. There is also a lot number for full manufacturing traceability printed on each sterilisation pouch, giving you peace of mind that you are using high quality items. The built in self seal strip in the design of the pouch means you do not need to purchase additional heat sealing equipment and add another step to your preparation process. These high quality pouches also feature off-set webs to ensure they are also easy to open. We have them available in six different sizes and all are supplied in boxes of 200 pieces.