Portable Prestige Medical with Printer – Visage

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 The portable autoclave is an effective and reliable option, giving you a compact and lightweight design that is easy to transport as well as a system that is incredible easy to work with. This Portable Prestige Medical includes an attacked printer, which gives you a hard copy of visual results for the best possible confidence to you and your customers, as well as certain evidence of sterilisation. This is a visage model autoclave, which means that it is a compact option developed specifically for worktop use, so you can be sure that you won’t need to clear it any specific space, but rather set it down wherever you like and set it to work.

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Availability: Back Order
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Printer Rolls for Visage Autoclave (Pack of 10)
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The Portable Prestige Medical with Printer is a very popular option when it comes to finding an effective autoclave for your requirements, and there are a wide variety of reasons for this popularity. First of all this is of course a small and compact option, it offers a nine litre capacity, which is more than you need for a number of the typical daily jobs, but it is a portable option and a Visage design, so you can be sure that it is easy to travel with and a good, compact size for placing on worktops without any real concerns. This is a perfect option for a travelling artist, regardless of whether you need something small and efficient to take to conventions with you, or whether you’re looking for an item you can rely on to take with you to guest artist spots. The autoclave offers you an effective and reliable selection of settings, including an automatic cycle with a one touch operation, so you can be sure that this is an easy autoclave to operate, regardless of your technological literacy. The printer is fully integrated with the autoclave to provide you with visible results for the best possible confidence to you and your customers, and we supply the printer roll replacements for this model to ensure that you have everything you need when operating with the autoclave.