Navel Bars 1.6 x 10mm

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Having these coloured jewel navel bars on hand in your studio ensures that you will have a selection of jewellery options for your client. Being made from titanium means that they are also suitable for customers who may have allergies or sensitive skin. Many people have issues with alloy metal jewellery so using titanium jewellery in your piercing procedures reduces this risk and ensures that your clients have a good experience both during and after the piercing session. By having a selection of colours, you are able to offer your clients a choice on what type of jewellery they would prefer.
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Cubic Zirconia Navel Bar - 1.6 x 10 x 5/8
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Siam Red Navel Bar - 1.6 x 10 x 5/8
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These titanium navel bars are perfect for the initial creation of a piercing. They are hypoallergenic, meaning there is no risk of the client suffering irritation or an allergic reaction from contact with the metal. Many people with sensitive skin have problems with low grade metals and alloys so by using titanium jewellery this potential issue is eliminated. Ensure that your clients have a superb experience both during and after the piercing procedure with these navel bars. Titanium is half the weight of surgical steel jewellery, meaning that it will put less stress and strain on the new piercing site. This can help to reduce the risk of the skin stretching or tearing over time when the jewellery is worn. These high quality navel bars are available in nine different colours. These include Lavender, Sea Green, Fuchsia, Siam Red, Aqua, Rose Pink, Cubic Zirconia, Peridot Green and Aurora Borealis. The size of the piercing jewellery is: Bar - 1.6mm x 10mm. Ends - 5mm/8mm. They are supplied in packs of 10 single colour navel bars. Always use premium professional supplies in your piercing studio to ensure that you can create accurate and safe piercings as well as minimising discomfort for your client.