Mini Polished Ball Per Pair (1)

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This particular earring option gives you a beautiful selection of mini, polished ball, which makes for a particularly appealing product that is certain to suit a wide variety of your customers. These polished balls have a beautiful pearl effect, but use hypo-allergenic materials to ensure that you accomplish the most comfortable and effective possible result, even if working with a customer who has sensitive ears. These are supplied individually and within sterile, secure packaging alongside the needed butterfly backing, so you can be completely confident that these provide you with a hygienic and secure selection. Though it is of course worth noting that these particular earrings are developed for everyday fashion use, and are not suitable as a first pair of earrings, but should only be use when the piercing has properly healed.

This particular selection of earring jewellery provides you with an attractive and durable selection, which has of course been designed to provide you with a hygienic and hypo-allergenic selection, using materials that are ideal for customers with sensitive ears. Of course when finding the right piercing jewellery for your customers you need to ensure that you provide them with something attractive that they would be happy to wear on an everyday basis, which is exactly what you accomplish with this particular selection of jewellery, given the small and simple design that uses a polished ball to provide a pearl like finish, very simple and attractive and suitable for a wide variety of customers and preferences. This product is of course supplied individually, as a pack of one pair, so you can select exactly as many pairs as you with to order, and of course these are supplied within individual, sterile blister packs alongside the correct butterfly backings for each, meaning that you get the best possible results for your needs and you can have completely confidence in the hygienic standard, safety of use and security of the products you are ordering. This is part of the sensitive range of products from Studex, and provides you with an after-piercing fashion product; thus should not be used to pierce ears or keep open freshly pierced ears.