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These melolin dressings are suitable for covering and protecting fresh tattoos and new piercings. The absorbent pads are perfect for adding a layer of protection from knocks and scrapes which can be very painful on the raw and tender skin after a big tattoo. These absorbent pads also withdraw any excess fluid from the area, allowing natural healing to take place without interference. These pads are not self-adhesive so you will need additional supplies such as surgical tape to attach the pad to the area of skin. Available in two different sizes, they can also be cut to a custom size or shape to ensure that it completely covers the area.
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These surgical melolin dressings are ideal for use in the tattoo industry, as they are low adherent as well as being thoroughly sterile. Individually packed, they are always hygienic for use. They are perfect for protecting new tattoos and piercings from being knocked or caught. They also act as a protective barrier to ensure that there is no dirt or debris from the harsh elements of the environment entering the open wound. Dressings can be used to pad and protect the area from knocks and bashes, especially if it is in a vulnerable place or regularly exposed. Adding a dressing to the wound allows you to protect it from the sun as well as adding a water resistant barrier to the external area. These dressings are possible to be cut to size, ensuring you always have enough protection to cover the area. These melolin dressings are not self-adhesive, meaning they will require a form of surgical tape to attach the absorbent pad to the area. They have a special covering to ensure that the wound pad will not become attached or stuck to the wound area. Keeping an open wound, such as a fresh tattoo, clean and protected at all times is vital in ensuring the healing process is carried out correctly.