Measuring Gauge

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This is a fully adjustable measuring gauge for piercing. It is fully autoclaveable and is ideal for marking prepared skin with the size of jewellery to be used. If you set the gauge to the size of jewellery that is going to be used means that there is much less chance of any mistakes being made. This gauge is part of the extensive range of piercing equipment we supply. All our piercing equipment is sterilising to incredibly high standards to ensure safety for both you and the client. Barber DTS has equipment and supplies that cater for all your piercing needs.
This measuring gauge from Barer DTS is fully adjustable and can be used to gauge the ideal size of body jewellery prior to piercing. It is great for marking the size of jewellery onto prepared skin in preparation for actual piercing. This will help with the accuracy of the actual piercing. If you set the gauge to the size of the jewellery you can ensure that the jewellery will fit perfectly which will leave no room for error. All our piercing supplies have been pre-sterilised to the highest standard and are ready for use straight away. This product is 100% autoclaveable.