Intenzegold Flesh Pot

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This option of ink is part of the selection known as the Intenze Gold Label, which is a range of 17 premium tattoo inks, all of which offer a more vivid, attractive colour than their standard range counterparts as well as a longer lasting ink, not only on the skin but in the bottle; where it will continue to be considered sterile for up to a year after it’s manufacture, thanks to the unique new pigment with which the ink is manufactured. This is available in a 1oz bottle which provides you with everything you need for most tattoo designs but still offers a size that is small enough to travel with very easily; perfect for a professional tattoo artist on the move a lot.
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Mario Barth Gold Label Inks - Fleshpot - 1oz
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Intenze fleshpot is an attractive and vibrant shade of warm flesh that provides an excellent solution for a wide variety of uses, regardless of whether you choose to incorporate the ink into a large or small tattoo design and regardless of the style or complexity of that design. This is of course part of the premium range of tattoo inks supplied by Intenze, known as the Gold Label inks and as such offers a much stronger and more vivid colour than its standard range counterpart. The ink is available in 1oz bottles, which provides enough ink for a majority of designs and an excellent size for travelling with; so you can take your best inks with you regardless of where you’re going. This ink is, like all Intenze tattoo inks, an incredibly high quality and reliable option. The colour is not only long lasting on the skin, but the ink is also long lasting in the bottle, which helps to contribute to the amazing popularity of the ink with professional tattoo artists around the world. While all Intenze inks are sterilized the Gold Label inks are done so through the use of an advanced, scientifically formulated pigment rather than the traditional gamma ray, which means that it can still be considered completely sterile after as much as a year in the bottle.