Intenze Marios Light Blue

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This shade of light blue is an attractive and long lasting selection which is offering in both of the most popular sizes; 1oz and 4oz, so as to be certain that you have access to everything you need for any number of tattoos, big or small. The ink is an effective and long lasting choice, not only providing a beautiful and bold colour on the skin, which is certain to complement and enhance your design, but also remaining on the skin for a long, long time to come. This is because the in uses a specifically designed scientific formula which makes it the longest lasting pigment ink in the world. To further improve the quality of this ink, like all of our inks, we at Barber DTS sterilize the ink and never freeze it, so you can be confident that it is a clean, fresh and safe solution to your needs.
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Availability: In stock
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Intenze Ink Mario's Light Blue 1oz
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Mario’s Light Blue is an attractive, long lasting shade of light blue that offers a bold colour designed by Mario Barth, the creator of the Intenze tattoo inks range. This is of course a fantastic ink option that provides you with a number of opportunities for the effective and appealing use of the colour, which is light enough to offer a beautiful addition to a light tattoo design or a brilliant contrasting colour to draw attention to a specific area of a dark tattoo design and of course the colour is more than bold enough to provide an effective addition to a vibrantly colourful design. The ink is available in the two most popular sizes, 1oz and 4oz, which ensures that you have everything you need to complete any number of tattoo designs as well as to provide you with the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials. The Intenze range of complete colours is manufactured using the longest lasting pigment ink in the market, making it the longest lasting tattoo ink in the world. This has certainly contributed to the popularity of the ink, which is one of the most popular among professional artists all around the earth. We at Barber DTS ensure that the inks are all sterilized before shipping and they are never frozen. This allows you to have complete confidence that everything you order is clean, fresh and safe.