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Dragon green is a strong and mystical shade of green, much like the mythical beast for which it was named. The colour is a bold and dark green that applies smooth and easy to the skin in order to ensure the best possible results from the ink, which is a long lasting green pigment ink produced using a specifically developed scientific formula to make it the longest lasting pigment ink on the market today. This is available in either 1oz or 4oz bottles and like all Barber DTS ink products this is sterilized and never frozen, which means you can be certain it is clean and fresh.
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Availability: In stock
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Intenze Ink Dragon Green 1oz
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This shade of dragon green is a strong, dark green that provides a long lasting and intense colour, certainly something that will add a real impact to your tattoo design regardless of the size or complexity of your design. This is a suitable option for working alongside and mixing with a variety of other colours and naturally it provides the long lasting effects and easy application that you would come to expect of an Intenze ink product. This is available as part of the Intenze inks complete range of colours and can be ordered in two of the most popular ink sizes; either a 1oz bottle or a 2oz bottle; which not only ensures that you have access to everything you need in regards to the amount of ink but also provides you with the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials. This is available in a selection of sizes to ensure that you have everything you need to accomplish the design you’re planning to produce, regardless of how big that may be or how many there may be. It also provides you with an excellent opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials as much as possible by buying larger or smaller amounts of ink as and when they may be needed. The real benefit of the Intenze inks complete range of colours is the long lasting nature of the pigment; this is a scientifically formulated ink which is tested from manufacture to application to ensure it provides the longest lasting colour on the skin of any ink in the world. As a result this is also one of the most popular tattoo ink ranges among professional tattoo artists all around the planet.