Incredibile Tube Chunk Sleeve

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Barber DTS are pleased to present the tube chunk sleeve tattoo machine spare by Incredible. Made using the finest materials available for a strong, safe, reliable and long lasting piece of equipment that meets all of your needs and expectations. Useful to have at the ready in your tattoo studio in case your machine unexpectedly breaks and you need to fix it. Made in accordance with all European tattoo regulations to ensure that the machine spare is safe to use.
The tube chunk sleeve by Incredible is part of the fantastic selection of machine spares that Barber DTS supply. The tube chunk sleeve has been made to the highest of standards and in accordance with all European tattoo regulations. It is strong, reliable and long lasting to meet your needs and expectations so that you get the best possible experience from it. Important to have handy in the studio in case something goes wrong with your machine and you need to fix it quickly. Made by Incredible Tattoo Supplies, a popular Italian company and home to some of the best artists around. Incredible make sure that their machine spares are made with only the finest materials and that they are hand crafted to perfection. Barber DTS are the largest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. They are famous amongst professionals and renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry. They sell high quality products that are strong, reliable, safe and long lasting to make sure that you get the beat experience from what you buy. Originally founded as Barber in 2000 but merged together with Davis Tattoo Supplies (DTS) in 2006 to form the name we know and recognise today.