Incredibile Long Shader 31mm

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740108 The Incredible long shader is a brilliant addition for use in the tattoo studio. Intended for the smooth and effective running of your tattoo machine by controlling its voltage, speed and stoke length. Made from a high quality spring steel making sure that it is robust, hardy and able to resist fatigue. Made to the utmost of standards and in contract with European tattoo regulations. A must have for any serious tattoo artist. Available as a 31mm spring.
The Incredible long shader is part of the Barber DTS machine spare range and a must have accessory for everyday use. Made specifically for replacing old and worn springs for new ones. One of the most significant parts of a tattoo machine the spring helps to control its voltage, speed and stoke length so that it runs effortlessly and efficiently. This is important for making sure that ink is dispersed evenly into the skin for flawless looking tattoos. Made from a high excellence spring steel to ensure that it is robust and hardy for a long lasting and dependable finish. It also makes sure that the spring is resistant to exhaustion so that it runs for long periods of time. Made to the maximum of standards and with the artist in mind. Treated in accordance with European tattoo regulations. A must have for the skilled tattooist. Barber DTS are a leading supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment. They supply everything you need for the professional running if your studio including machine spares, furniture, ink and much more. They are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous amongst professionals.