Cheyenne Hawk Start Up Facility

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The Hawk Start Up Facility is a great piece of equipment if you use either the HAWK or THUNDER tattoo machine from Cheyenne and don’t have a PU I or PU II power system. Both of these machine have very powerful motors which means that most standard power supplies are unable to cope with the amount of voltage required. However using this cable you can use the machine with almost any power supply. It allows the user to start the machine and their desired voltage without having to adjust after turning on.

The Hawk Start Up Facility from Cheyenne is used to start your Cheyenne machine at its correct voltage. It is especially useful if you are using a standard power supply. If you are using either the PU I or PU II from Cheyenne then you will not need to use this cable. However, if you are using a different power supply then you will need this as some tattoo machine have a very powerful motor and without this cable they will need to run at a much higher voltage. Using this cable you can start the motor then reduce the voltage to 3-5V without any problems. Using this cable means that you eliminate the need to start the machine, particularly the Thunder on 10-11V then turn it down. This cable will need to be used with most Cheyenne machine including the Thunder and Hawk models as they are better compatible with the PU I and PU II systems. However if you wish to use your own power supply, then this cable is a must! This is because these machines are too strong for regular power supplies, using this cable however, will overcome that problem.