Cheyenne Hawk Grip Red

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This is a bold and attractive red grip, and not just any grip but the Cheyenne Hawk grip, developed more specifically for use on either the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder tattoo machine or Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo machine. This particular option, aside from being attractive thanks to the vibrant and appealing shade of red that it provides, is also a lightweight and comfortable selection to work with, providing you with a carefully sculptured design with comfortable ridges and holds that make it fit naturally into the hand, as well as an ergonomic design that helps to reduce the noise and vibrations produced by the machine, to provide a more comfortable experience for the customer and the artist alike.
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Availability: In stock
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Hawk Grip 21mm in Red
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This is an exceptional quality of product, as you would expect of a Cheyenne Hawk grip, which has been specifically designed and developed to provide you with a durable and reliable option of grip for working with the Cheyenne Hawk range of tattoo machines. This particular selection is a vibrant and attractive shade of red, which gives a beautiful effect to the grip and is certain to help you stand out from the crowd. The grip is designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials available to ensure that it gives you a lightweight, compact but flexible solution that is comfortable to hold in the hand and easy to work with. This particular grip is available in two sizes; 21mm or 25mm, to ensure that you have the most comfortable and suitable option for your needs. This grip is of course the specifically developed Cheyenne Hawk grip, and is suitable for fitting to either the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder tattoo machine or the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo machine. This provides you with an exceptional option for a variety of your requirements, being easy to clear the combination of rubber and steel surface allows it to be wiped easily, and of course it is suitable for sterilisation in an autoclave. This is also a flexible option, not only with regards to the material but the functionality of the grip too, which allows adjustments on the puncture depth and speed of the needle, allows you to change cartridges easily and rapidly and of course the ergonomic design ensures low vibrations, very little sound and even the ability to adjust the handle bar to make the grip more suitable for your particular requirements.