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These single use guide pins are ideal for use with the piercing products and tools from Pierce Artist. These professional standard products allow the piercer to insert the needle blade of the same size as the jewellery for the piercing. This means that the insertion is much easier and less painful for the client. It allows the jewellery to be placed into the freshly made piercing smoothly and easily, with no stretching or friction against the sensitive area. These guide pins are designed to be attached to the end of the needle blade, meaning you can easily add in the piercing jewellery to the skin without causing additional swelling or bleeding that is often associated with the piercing process.
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Guide Pins-1.2mm
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Guide Pins-Tapered 1.6mm
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These guide pins from the professional team at Pierce Artist are designed to make the task of creating a new piercing much easier for you, as well as minimising the discomfort suffered by the client. These disposable insertion pins enable the piercer to use the same size blade needle as the jewellery they are about to use in the piercing. This means there is no risk of stretching or tearing the skin, meaning that the level of pain experienced by the client is minimised, as well as shortening the procedure. By having disposable insertion pins, you are able to quickly and easily create piercings in tricky areas of the body. It means that the jewellery is inserted quickly and smoothly, meaning that there is no dragging or friction against the newly sensitive skin. Using the disposable insertion guide pins helps to factor out the bleeding, swelling and additional discomfort associated with the piercing process. Being disposable also helps to cut down on the risk of cross contamination between clients and helps protect all involved from infection and bacteria. Single use prevents the transfer of contaminants between sessions, as well as ensuring that the studio is kept clean and sanitised at all times.