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These gauze swabs are ideal for use in the tattoo industry as they serve multiple purposes within the studio. They make ideal dressings for new tattoos as they are padded, creating a barrier of protection from knocks and bumps. They are also breathable, ensuring that the skin below has sufficient air flow to enable proper healing processes to occur naturally. Gauze swabs are also lint free, meaning that they will not stick to the raw area of the skin or introduce particles of fluff or debris into the open wound. These types of gauze swabs can also be used to apply Vaseline and other preparation products to the area ready to be tattooed.
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Gauze Swab-5 x 5cm Swab
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Gauze Swab-7.5 x 7.5cm Swab
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These hygienic gauze swabs are available in three different sizes: 5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm, 10x10cm. They are all square shaped pads, meaning that you can easily use them to cover the freshly tattooed area of skin with a sterile dressing. They are lint free, meaning that the fabric will not become stuck or deposit particles of debris into what is effectively an open wound. This can create unpleasant infections and unnatural scabbing of the skin as it attempts to push the foreign material out of the area. Always use clean and sterile dressings on tattoos as they are open and prone to infection due to the large areas of skin exposed to the harsh elements of the environment. These lint free gauze swabs are available in packs of 100 or 25 and are very affordable, meaning you can always have a se4lection different sizes on hand in your tattoo studio. These gauze products can be used as a dressing to protect your new tattoo, as well as during the tattooing process to apply Vaseline or other preparation products to the skin and avoiding contamination of the sterile area. Gauze swabs should be used for these purposes so that they are not introduced fluff or lint into the area, as these products are lint free.