Ethyl Chloride Glass Bottle

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Ethyl Chloride is a fast acting local anaesthetic which can be used to numb the skin before a piercing. It is in liquid form that comes in a spray bottle which is propelled by its own vapour pressure meaning no CFCs. It creates a numbing effect by cooling the areas that is to be pierced. To apply, spray the liquid approximately 30cm away from the area to be numbed and spray. This spray is for external use only and should not be sprayed in the mouth or in any internal areas on the body such as the ears, eyes, nasal cavity or genitals.

This Ethyl Chloride supplied by Barber DTS comes in a glass bottle and works by using its own vapour to propel the liquid from the container meaning that there are no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).It is used in the tattoo and piercing industry to numb and area of the body which is about to be pierced. It works by providing a cooling jet of liquid which then numbs the skin ready for piercing. It is not suitable for internal use and should be kept away from the eyes, ears, nasal passage and genitals. To use the numbing spray, simply spray on the area you wish to pierce, holding the bottle approximately 30 cm away from the skin and spray and even amount using a sweeping movement so the liquid hits the skin at an acute angle. This will minimise the shock of impact. Once the skin has turned white it will be ready to pierce straight away. Do not continue to use after the skin has turned white as this may cause freezing. Each glass bottle of ethyl chloride from Barber DTS contains 100ml of liquid.