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This shade of sage is a vibrant, long lasting and attractive choice that works well with a variety of shades, particularly skin tones, to provide a depth and realism to your designs that makes it quite so suitable for use in portrait tattoos. The colour is part of the Liz Cook series of the eternal inks portrait colours range, which of course means that it was designed by the world famous portrait tattoo artist herself, so you can be confident of the high quality of the inks colour. As it is a product from Eternal Ink you can also be confident of the high quality of its manufacture; as with all inks from eternal this is produced using a selection of natural materials to ensure that the end result is a non-toxic, organic pigment ink.
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Eternal sage is an attractive, vibrant shade of light green that provides a particularly useful shade for a wide variety of tattoo designs, though is most prominently used within portrait tattoo designs given that the colour was designed by Liz Cook, one of the world’s most famous portrait tattoo artists. As such this colour is available as part of the Liz Cook series within the eternal inks portrait colours range. The colour provides a cool, bright option that adds a more realistic and intense appearance to a tattoo design to give the finished product more depth, and of course the colour blends well with a wide range of skin tones to ensure the perfect finished look. This ink, like all eternal inks, is produced using a selection of natural materials which help to ensure not only that the colour is light, bright and long lasting, but also that the ink is a non-toxic and organic solution to your requirements. This is a popular option as organic pigment inks like this one are less likely to cause irritation to the skin, due to the less abrasive nature of the ink. To further aid this we sterilize all of our inks before shipping, to remove any bacteria within the fluid that might otherwise have been the cause of irritations, allergic reactions or even infections.