Eternal Primary Colour Sample Set

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This is an attractive and reliable set of colours, featuring some of the most popular options from the eternal inks range of classic primary colours, which of course means that it is a set featuring bold, vibrant colour options. These are all high quality inks manufactured to be attractive, long lasting, non-toxic and organic, just like all eternal inks, and they are available in either 1oz bottles or 4oz bottles, so you are certain to find what you need from these products regardless of whether you’re looking for a set to travel with or a set to stock your shop with.

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Availability: In stock
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Primary Colours Sampler Pack - 30ml/1oz
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The eternal primary colour sample set provides you with a selection of 12 fantastic colours from the eternal inks classic primary colour range. These are of course all high quality inks which provide you with a wide variety of uses, given a selection of some of the most bold and vibrant colours available from tattoo inks, these are all certain to provide attractive, long lasting results when incorporated into any of your tattoo designs, though bright colours like these are often best suited for simple, vibrant designs given the intense nature of their colourations. The range is available in either 1oz bottles or 4oz bottles, so it doesn’t matter whether you have selected this as a smaller set for travelling with or whether you’re selecting a set with which to stock your artists, the set is certain to provide what you need. All of these inks are of course eternal ink products, which means that they aren’t just long lasting, vibrant colours but they are also non-toxic, organic inks, which makes them particularly valuable to you. We then sterilize the inks to further improve their quality and value, making them as clean and safe as possible for all of your tattoo ink needs. Inks included in this set are; White, Lining Black. Lipstick Red, Bright Orange, Dark Brown, Caramel, Bumble Bee, Lime Green, Robin Egg, True Blue, Light Purple and Light Magenta