Eternal Ink - Pink

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This is a delightfully bright and attractive shade of pink that offers a more feminine and warm feel than some of the alternatives, giving it all of the qualities you would expect of a classic primary pink shade. This is available in a selection of sizes to ensure your convenience and the ink, like all eternal inks, provides you with a non-toxic and organic alternative, which can be particularly beneficial. We also ensure that all of our inks are sterilized and are one of the few suppliers to do so, allowing you to have complete confidence in the cleanliness of all the ink you order from us.

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Availability: In stock
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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Pink
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Eternal Ink Pink 1oz
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Eternal Ink - Pink - 2oz (60ml)
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Eternal Ink - Pink - 4oz (125ml)
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This is an attractive and bold option of pink, providing the classic, soft and feminine interpretation of the colour as part of the eternal inks classic primary colours range. The colour is a soft, delicate option that offers the femininity and beauty the shade always offers, alongside the long lasting and easy blending qualities that eternal inks provide it. This is an effective colour to be included in a wide range of designs, regardless of whether you choose to use it in a large or small area of a tattoo of just about any size. To ensure that all of your needs are met, regardless of what they may be, we ensure that the ink is supplied in a wide variety of the most popular sizes, allowing you to not only order as much as you might need in any given space of time, but also to provide you with the opportunity to keep your costs and waste materials as low as possible. The ink is produced using a selection of natural materials which help to ensure that it is not only an attractive and long lasting colour, but also to ensure that it is a non-toxic and organic solution to your tattoo ink needs.