Eternal Ink Portrait Colour Set 1oz

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Eternal Ink Portrait Skin Tones 12 Bottle Set 1oz

Eternal Ink Flesh Tones 12 Bottle Set 1oz

One of the newest ink collections from Eternal is the Flesh Tones ( Portrait Set) which has been specifically designed to help with the ever increasing popularity for photo-realistic tattoos. The range of 12 delicate flesh and skin tones gives you the ideal range of tones to create these stunning portraits and beat the competition.

Organic, vegan-friendly, and non-toxic choice in tattoo inks.

Eternal Ink is a USA made ink that meets European regulations. The product is backed by a veteran tattoo artist who knows what you need in ink. The colours are some of the brightest, and the water-based pigment is manufactured without ever being frozen. You'll get a fresh pigment that hasn't been compromised in the production process.

Portrait Skin Tones 12 Bottle Set contains: Almond, Enchanted Lilac, Light Peach, Nude Blush, Papaya, Rich Espresso, Rose Satin, Rust, Sable, Sea Shell, Spice and Wine Berry.