Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones Set

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Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones 12 Bottle Set 1oz

Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones 12 Bottle Set 1oz

These 12 unique colours are known as the ""dirty colours"" and are great for bold pieces. These are colours you wouldn't normally expect to be premixed in a bottle, more colours you'd mix yourself but these enable you to get the same true tone each time so you know your healed finish.

Organic, vegan-friendly, and non-toxic choice in tattoo inks.

Eternal Ink is a USA made ink that meets European regulations. The product is backed by a veteran tattoo artist who knows what you need in ink. The colours are some of the brightest, and the water-based pigment is manufactured without ever being frozen. You'll get a fresh pigment that hasn't been compromised in the production process.

Muted Earth Tones 12 Bottle Set contains: Clay Gray, Peach Flesh, Burnt Orange, Salmon, Orchid, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green Slime, Dirty Money, Slate Blue, Baby Blue and Dusty Blue.