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Help refresh your tired old inks with this great product from Eternal Ink. Stop ink dispensed into caps from becoming crusty and drying out in longer tattoo sessions. Simply add a couple of drops of this solution to your ink and mix thoroughly to ensure a smooth application with your machine. This affordable product can really save you a lot of money, eliminating the need to constantly replace your ink supplies. As a little goes a long way, you are sure to wonder how you ever managed without Keep It Wet in your tattooing repertoire before. A great little addition to have in your equipment kit alongside your machines and other supplies.
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Formulated by Eternal Ink's mixing team, Keep It Wet is a multipurpose additive. It is CLEAR and will not alter the hue of the ink. As the name implies, now you can keep your cap of ink wet as you tattoo. Add a drop or two of Keep It Wet into your ink cap to prevent the ink from drying from evaporation. If your ink begins to dry out in the cap, refresh your ink with a drop or two. Looking for smoother transitions and washes? Add more drops to your cap as you dip to dilute the opacity of your pigment. Keep It Wet will NOT change the color, only dilute and thin the pigment. With Keep It Wet, you can achieve softer transitions on all your gradations. This innovative product Eternal Ink has been created to overcome a problem which has troubled many tattoo artists. If your tattoo ink or pigments become too thick to use effectively with your machine, it can be costly and seem very wasteful to cast them all aside for a new set. Well now there is a solution to this issue - literally. Eternal Ink's Keep It Wet solution helps to thin out pigments and ink, as well as helping to refresh the colours. Bring your ink back to life with this great little product. Considered an essential by many professional tattoo artists, you should always include a bottle of this product as part of your day to day tattooing kit. It can be very handy if you have to travel a lot and your equipment is sometimes transported in hotter condition. While this is not ideal, it cannot always be prevented. Simply adding a few drops of this solution on your arrival while setting up can revive your inks that may have become a little dried out or thicker in the heat. Many tattoo artists have also reported that this great solution has helped resolved problems with ink moving up the needle bar in their machine. This issue can be very messy as ink often sprays everywhere while using the machine, as well as making the experience trickier for both the artist and client being tattooed.