Eternal Muted Earth Tones Ink - Green Slime

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For a high quality, long lasting option in greens you could always select the eternal green slime colour. This is one of the eternal inks complete range of colours and offers the ideal shade of slime green, in a mid-tone colour to ensure it blends well with a selection of other colours you may choose to incorporate into your tattoo design. Like all eternal inks this is produced using a selection of natural ingredients to ensure the best possible quality of ink, as well as providing an ink that is non-toxic and organic, thus reducing the chances of it causing irritation. To further support the quality of the ink you order from us we ensure that it is sterilized and never frozen, so you can be certain that it is clean and fresh.
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Availability: In stock
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Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones Green Slime 1oz
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This shade of green, known as green slime, offers the same bright, putrid colour of green as you would typically expect of green slime, with a bold and vivid colouring that is certain to last for some time to come. The ink is at the high standard as all eternal inks, meaning not only that the colour is long lasting but also that the ink is organic and non-toxic. The organic nature of the ink is thanks to the use of a selection of natural materials in the production of the ink, this reduces the likelihood that the application of the ink will cause a reaction on the skin. For your convenience we supply these inks in a selection of the most popular sizes, allowing you to select and order as much ink as you need without increasing your costs and waste materials any more than you have to. To further ensure the quality of all the ink you order from us we ensure that none of the ink is ever frozen, so you can be certain of the freshness of all the ink you order. We also ensure that all of the ink we supply is sterilized before distribution, this is done using gamma ray technology and eliminates bacteria within the ink that may have otherwise cause allergic reactions or even infections.