Eternal Zombie Ink - Graveside Dark

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Finding the perfect shades for your horror and zombie tattoos is a lot easier with the unique eternal inks zombie range, which includes a variety of perfect shades for dark, undead tattoo designs. The selection includes this deep, midnight shade of graveside dark, a perfect colour of shady blue for all of your terrifying tattoo needs. The ink itself is produced to the same high standard as all eternal inks, which of course means it is a reliably durable, long lasting colour as well as an organic, non-toxic ink. To further ensure your confidence with the option we ensure that none of the inks we supply are ever frozen and all are sterilized, which means you can be certain of their freshness and cleanliness.
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Availability: In stock
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Eternal Ink Zombie Graveside Dark 1oz
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Zombie tattoos are increasingly popular, alongside dark, horror based tattoos which require an entirely different set of colours to provide the effect you’re looking for. This is exactly what the unique zombie range of colours, which include this dark, graveside blue as well as a variety of other horrific colours from undead flesh to flesh-eating fungus-inspired shades. Like most eternal inks this is available in a selection of sizes so as to ensure your convenience, allowing you to order as much ink as you need without increasing your costs and waste materials any more than you have to. We hope to further ensure your confidence in the ink by ensuring that it is never frozen, so you can have complete certainty as to the freshness of all the ink you order. All eternal inks, including those featured in the zombie range, are produced using a selection of the best possible natural materials, which ensure not only a high standard of ink with bold colour that will last for some time to come but also an organic, non-toxic option. The organic nature of the ink helps to reduce the likelihood of the ink causing irritation to the skin, which is further aided by our strict sterilisation process, which uses gamma radiation to eliminate any bacteria that could otherwise cause an allergic reaction or even infection.