Eternal Portrait Ink - Enchanted Lilac

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There are a larger number of fantastic colours to choose from within the Eternal portrait range, which include this particular option of enchanted lilac. The use of more bold colours, such as the purples and greens, can provide a more realistic and in depth tone to a portrait tattoo, particularly when using soft, cool shades like this that will blend effectively with the skin tones used. This is, like all eternal inks, an organic and non-toxic option that provides a high quality, long lasting colour that offers a bold, powerful option in portrait tattoos big or small. We do our best to help you as an artist by supplying the inks in a variety of sizes and we won’t freeze them, so you can be sure that all of the ink you order from us is fresh. Of course we are also one of the few suppliers who sterilize our inks, so you can be completely confident about using it.
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Enchanted lilac provides a warm, gentle skin tone that may be useful in areas of your design that include shadowing. The use of purples, blues and greens mixed in the skin tones has been long practiced in portrait artwork to provide the images with more depth and realism, as such our portraits range includes a selection of all your favourite options for colours to blend with skin tones. These are available in a selection of sizes to ensure that regardless of how much you need you can order the right amount without having to increase your costs and waste materials any more than you have to. The ink itself is produced using a selection of the best possible natural materials to ensure that the end result is an ink that is not only high quality, but organic and non-toxic too. These factors help to reduce the risk of the ink causing an irritation to the skin, either while being applied or while healing. To further reduce the risks of discomfort to your customers we sterilize all of our inks, this means that gamma radiation is used to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that might have otherwise been present within the ink. This is particularly helpful to you as an artists because these bacteria are the most common causes of irritation, allergic reactions and infections in your customers.