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Eternal dark purple is a fantastic deep and cool shade that is idea for darker areas of a design, providing a strong, bold and lasting colour to compliment any skin tone. The ink is produced using a selection of the best possible, natural materials, which means that the ink itself is a non-toxic, organic solution to all of your tattoo ink needs, as are all eternal inks for this same reason. We supply the ink in a selection of sizes in order to ensure your needs are met with regards to the amount of ink you might require over any period of time, and as with all the ink you order from us you can be sure that it will arrive fresh, because we never freeze our inks.

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Availability: In stock
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The eternal dark purple is a strong, cool shade of purple and part of the eternal inks complete range of colours. The ink is supplied in a selection of sizes, allowing you to select that which best suits your individual needs, without producing more cost or waste material than you need to. Of course the colour itself has a wide variety of uses, either to highlight and attract attention to the use of darker and lighter shades, or to fill in segments or a larger design. The ink is organic and non-toxic, thanks to the fact it is produced using a selection of the best possible organic materials, this helps to ensure that when the ink is applied to the skin it is less likely to cause a reaction. To further reduce the chances of a reaction, or infection, we ensure that all of our inks are sterilized before distribution. This is done using gamma ray technology to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that might have otherwise been present in the ink. We also refuse to freeze our ink at any point in the process, which means that you can be completely confident in the freshness of the ink you order from us.