Eternal Ink - Dark Ochre

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The eternal dark ochre is a fantastic, soft shade, ideal for a selection of uses from highlight and shadows to filling larger areas of a big design. The ink is, for your convenience, available in a selection of size, allowing you to select as much ink as you need without increasing costs or waste materials any more than you have to. This is an organic, non-toxic ink that can be relied upon time after time to provide long-lasting colour and fantastic application, as the organic materials ensure it is less likely to cause a reaction or infection on the skin during or after application. To further ensure safety and comfort we also ensure that the inks are fresh, by never freezing them, and we sterilize our inks, ensuring there are no potentially harmful bacteria present in the inks.

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Availability: In stock
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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Dark Ochre
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Eternal Ink - Dark Ochre - 1oz (30ml)
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Dark Ochre is part of the eternal inks classic primary colours range and provides a darker shade than the typical ochre, ideal for shadowing the similar, lighter shades yet is soft enough to be used in block colouring of larger areas too. This is an ideal colour for a number of uses and provides a high quality colour that will last for a long time to come without losing the boldness of the shade. The ink itself is, much like all of the eternal inks, a highly effective, non-toxic and organic solution to your tattoo ink needs, this can help tattoo artists during the process of applying the ink as the organic nature of the materials within the ink is less likely to cause a reaction or irritation to your customer’s skin. To further reduce any chances of irritation or even infection to the tattoo area, as well as to offer you confidence in your choice of ink, we never freeze our inks – so you always know they’re fresh – and we sterilize our inks. This sterilization process using advanced gamma radiation technology to eliminate any bacteria that might have otherwise been present in the ink and it is often these bacteria that would have cause an allergic reaction to the ink or even infection.