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A nice, bright tattoo ink is a fantastic option in a wide variety of designs, regardless of whether you’re looking for something that will stand out and draw attention or just something a little more feminine and complimentary to the design you have selected. The ink is high quality, so as to retain the vibrant colour long after being applied to the skin and of course, like all eternal inks, uses a selection of organic ingredients to ensure that the ink is a non-toxic option. The use of organic materials helps to prevent irritation to the skin as a result of application of the ink, which is further aided by our process of sterilizing the ink using gamma ray technology to remove any bacteria that might cause irritation or infection.

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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Cotton Candy
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There are plenty of bright colours to choose from in the eternal inks complete colours range, one popular option of which is this cotton candy shade. The ink is a soft, feminine pink and a popular option to feature in a variety of women’s tattoos. The ink is available, as are many of the eternal inks selection, in a variety of sizes to allow the most convenience possible in selection which you need to limit your costs and the amount of waste material you may produce. These vary from 1oz bottles, which will provide you with everything you need for a few details on smaller tattoos, to 4oz bottles, perfect for anyone filling a section of pink in a larger design. The ink itself is produced using a selection of the best possible organic materials in order to ensure that the tattoo produced is non-toxic, the materials are also less likely to cause irritation to your customer’s skin during the tattooing process and the healing process while the quality of the ink ensures that it retains the vibrant colouration. To further ensure your confidence in the ink’s suitability we never freeze our inks, so you know that all the ink you receive from us is as fresh as it possible could be and we sterilize our inks. Sterilization of the inks is done using gamma radiation to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that might otherwise be present within the ink.