Equaliser Proton Pen - Army Green

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The Equaliser Proton Pen is available in 5 different colours including Black, Mocca Brown, Silver, Army Green and Red. The popular pen comes with a 3.5 mm stroke and a 5W Engine. This light and versatile machine requires an RCA connection. The Equaliser Proton Pen is the perfect machine for any artist.
EQUALISER™ PROTON New press machine produced by Kwadron with an attractive pen shaped design. Its new gear system ensures silent and reliable in operation. Material used for the body of the machine is the highest quality anodized aluminum. All this makes this rotary machine very light and versatile with the purpose of facilitating the tattoo artist during all tattoo process. The equalizer proton is compatible with all types of cartridges. Technical features: - Stroke: 3.5 mm - Needle Excursion: adjustable from 0 to 4,5mm - Engine: 5W - Connection: RCA - Diameter: 25mm - Length: 11.8 cm